Why Are Cats Good Companions? Are Cats Loyal Pets?

I was chatting the other day with a friend of mine who is an avid dog lover, knowing my love for felines she asked, why are cats good companions? Then she really tweaked a nerve when she said, “I don’t like cats, they’re so sneaky, dogs are so loyal, are cats loyal pets?”

She went on and on about how wonderful owning her dog is, and how dogs are superior over cats. Now, don’t get me wrong I love dogs, I love all animals, but I’m a cat lady. Some may even go as far to say that I am crazy. Those people are in fact correct.

I simply had to get to work and start writing. I owe it to our royalty to expose the truths about cats and why they are the superior loyal pet! The world needs to know why cats are good companions, and that they are in fact loyal pets!!

King of the Jungle, King of the Householdsilvio-loyal-pet

If you love cats, the title of this topic is self-explanatory. However, this article was inspired by my dog lover friend who we will call Janet.

I think “Janet” should remain anonymous for her safety and protection from the cat obsessed world or what I like to call the nine cat lives matter revolution. If you are reading this article, you are part of the revolution, welcome!

Back to Janet. She inquired by asking, “are cats loyal pets?” To me it was a silly question, but to Janet it was a sincere inquiry.

The word that I would like to spotlight here is the word loyal. Besides your own cat, what other animal comes to mind when you hear the word loyal? If you answered lion you are on my wave length!

I think a good place to start is to compare our children, or our cats if you will, to one of their cat-lion-loyal-petloyal ancestors, the lion. Any animal belonging to the cat family are know as felids, which include lions, tigers, cougars, and you guessed it domestic cats!

They are all evolved from a common ancestor less than fifteen million years ago.

In England, the symbolism of the Lion is often seen in heraldic art and symbolizes honor, loyalty, courage, strength, leadership. I am sure your feline falls under these same exact CATegories.

5 Ways House Cats are Like Lions aka Loyal Pets

THEY LOVE TO TAKE “CAT NAPS” silvio-cat-nap

Typically, cats sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours a day, and that is not because they are lazy—cats are predators, and they need to conserve energy for vigorous hunting activities. Unfortunately not every hunt results in a meal, so felines typically live in a cycle that is called feed-rest-hunt. This applies not only to our domestic house cats but also to lion’s, who can easily spend up to 20 hours snoozing in the shade.


No matter what breed or size of cat we are talking about, they all have a collection of scent glands located on various parts of their bodies. A Cat’s scent glands are located on the sides of cat-rub-thingstheir face, around their mouth, on the front of their paws, and at the base of their tail. When your cat rubs up against things (including you – your cat’s servant), they are marking their territory with pheromones. Big cats such as the loyal lion, also give head-bumps and rub against things in their environment. The scent a big cat leaves behind serves as a warning sign to others who might come across their territory. Whether it’s Uncle Sil, Mr. Grey, your cat Fluffy, or a lion or tiger, cats are ALL territorial!


In a previous article I wrote Does Catnip Make Cats High I discussed at great length exactly what catnip is, and reveal exactly what it is about this magic elixir that gets our kitties high.

Domestic house cats aren’t the only ones that like to dabble in the occasional catnip high. Lions and jaguars have a similar reaction to the nip, and enjoy licking, and rolling around it just like our kitties at home.


cat-mouth-breatheMr. Grey used to always make this face that I would of course tease him for when he smelled certain things. He looked similar to The Joker from batman when he was sniffing with his mouth agape.

Why do cats smell things with their mouths open?

Cats have an acute sense of smell, with tens of millions of receptors lining their tiny noses. They are among the many animals who have an extra scent detection organ, called Jacobson’s Organ. This extra scent detection is located at the base of a cat’s nasal cavity and is not the only animal that this organ is found in. Other animals that have this extra scent detection are, dogs, cattle, pigs, snakes and lizards.

Jacobson’s organ gives cats the ability to taste-smell substances, which in turn is what causes the open-mouth pause breathing. This “Joker Face” is more prominent in big cats, but Mr. Grey did it often, so it was easy for me to call him out on this.

CAT IN THE BOXcat-in-box

How many times have we perused the cat toy aisle at the local pet store in search of the perfect new toy to bring home to our beloved cats? How much money have we spent on that fancy new feather wand, or electric butterfly cat toy…all to find out all they want to do is play with the empty Amazon boxes from your latest purchase.

Cat in the box, is a phenomenon. My Grey’s kitties will spend hours going in and out of a cardboard box. Uncle Sil has also been known to stuff himself in the tiniest of boxes, all to get stuck and flail around like a maniac.

Why Are Cats Good Companions?

My cat greets me every time I come into the house, purrs loudly, rubs on my legs, and shows me how much he has missed me when I was off to work making money to support his catnip and wet food habit.

OK, fine, maybe he is just hungry and has been waiting ravenously for my arrival to fill his dish or give him a treat for being such a good boy and sleeping a solid 14 hours in the same place that I left him in the wee hours of the morning when I left for work.

I like to think that he genuinely missed me, and that truly warms my heart and makes me know that not only are cats good companions they are also extremely loyal to their servant.

When I had Mr. Grey he used to love to micro manage my writing by sitting on my desk and ensuring my fingers were always flying furiously across the keyboard. I envision his inner voice to sound something like “type human type, make money, feed me, type”

If you have a lap cat than you know the joy on a cold winter night of having a warm kitty purring away on your lap as you watch Holiday movies and sip hot cocoa or bourbon, whichever you prefer.

Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

You don’t have to walk them. It’s sub-zero and you have to put your boots on and bundle up in your coat hat gloves and scarf to walk your dog. Not fun. A cat will trot over to his litter box, do his business and you can scoop his duties in the comfort of your own warm home at your leisure.

Cats don’t bark. Life is so much more peaceful and serene with a quiet kitty lounging around the house, only asking for attention when they feel like it, but also prefer their own space. It’s a far greater balance in your relationship, than with a dog.

Dogs are needy. Dogs are like: feed me, play with me, walk me, pet me, praise me, groom me, wash me, pick ticks off me, take me to the beach, let me get sand and mud in your new SUV, take me to the dog park with a bunch of disobedient dogs and their less than par owners. Let me drag mud in your house on your new plush carpets, take care of my fleas, and don’t forget those time I plan to get sprayed by a skunk or get quelled by a porcupine. Maybe I’ll veer off from our walk and roll around in another dogs poop.

Dogs are a lot of work. Dogs are fantastic, but cats are far easier and are clearly the superior pet.

Cats are more like: let me sleep longer, pet me, no just kidding stay away from me, don’t walk me its too cold out, I’ll just share a bathroom with you and go in that box you bought me. You can just scoop my poop later on in the comfort of our warm home, lets binge on Netflix and take cat naps and snack on and off all day. No, don’t be silly, you don’t have to bathe me or groom me ill do it myself.

cat-sofa-napYou have a bug or rodent problem? Don’t panic I’ll take care of it, and save you money on an exterminator bill, so you have more money to buy me nip and quail. Call out of work so we can sunbathe, not at the beach silly, that requires gas money, and commuting, we can just stay in this one patch of sun on the carpet. Let’s get high, sip lattes and tell old war stories, about why cats are loyal pets.

So you see, it’s a cat life for me! Call me lazy, call me crazy, just don’t call me crazy lazy.

Cats are Good Companions, and Loyal Pets

It is up to you to decide which four legged friend best suits you and your lifestyle. I am certain I was a cat in a previous life, so being the servant to a cat now is so natural and easy.

Whatever you do, make sure the loyal pet you decide to get is one that you can adopt. Those cats and dogs need homes, and you need a loyal companion, you need a cat! Maybe you need another cat!?

I am off to go lounge on the sofa with Uncle Sil, and watch TV. He’s been sleeping all day resting up for our big nap on the couch. I encourage you to kiss your kitties forehead and tell them you are so happy they don’t make you do things dog owners have to do. Happy tails to you!

Yours in Kitty Health,

Kate Grey

Founder of:  ninecatlivesmatter.com


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12 thoughts on “Why Are Cats Good Companions? Are Cats Loyal Pets?

  1. Sherriel

    OMG! This is so true. I miss my baby Safyre. She was a calico and adored everything about her. She was clingy to her mama. She was very independent but she loved attention. She use to talk to us when she was hungry. She would hold full conversations. She loved to lay at my feet so when I woke up I knew she was right there. When no one else paid attention to me Safyre was right there. Cats are so amazing. Just as much as you nurture them, they do the same for you. I really enjoyed this article. If any one is on the fence about cat this will definitely help them understand exactly what it’s like.
    Thank you for sharing!!!!

    1. Kate Grey Post author

      It truly is a give and take with our cats. Mr. Grey was a huge talker, and of course I talked back b/c I can understand cat. We had a lot of great conversations, me and Mr. G!!

  2. Sara Poyner

    I absolutely loved this post. I am a cat lover. I had two wonderful cats for many years and they were my babies. I spoke to them and they spoke back. I had them when I was single so they would comfort me when I was down or lonely, and they would welcome me home when I got in from work. They both were such characters and I miss them so much. When I lost them, I vowed I couldn’t have any more, however now my two children are old enough, they both want a pet and Cats get my vote every time.

    I work in a Dog Kennels once a week and for me, some dogs are quite frightening. Others of course are lovely, but Dogs are high maintenance. They need their poo cleaning, they need walking (no matter what the weather, they need attention and they chew and destroy things. I have never been afraid of a cat, even the most scary moggy on my street. They are wonderful. Open the door they see to themselves, and all they ask in return is a bit of love and food.

    Your wonderful stories and pictures have got me thinking I should get another pair!!

  3. Mia

    Hi! I agree, cats are great companions. We have our Zoe, a Siamese cat, which has a great personality. She loves playing =)
    At the moment, we have 4 more kitties in our home, which we rescued from the street. They have been sick and needed a lot of medication. Now we are trying to find loving owners for them.
    Thanks for the article,

  4. Kamil

    Hi Kate, that’s great post. I had both dog and cat and I can confirm that cats are much more independent than dogs. Dogs require much more attention, but on the other hand, they give much more joy.

  5. Charles

    That’s impressive how well you know those cats
    I’m a big dog fan to be honest but at the end of this article (still a big dog fan) I can tell you are absolutely right
    Cats are so much easier to look after and they’re cheaper as well
    You’ve just make me feel I need one in my flat
    I’m gonna show your article to my girlfriend, guarantee she’ll buy one after that

  6. Joquanne15

    Our family love cats and thanks for sharing this. Now we have greater reason to keep her new kittens. Princess ( our cat’s name ) recently gave birth to two cute kittens. We are torn apart from deciding whether to keep them or send the out for adoption. I totally agree that they are good companions. And they say when they sit beside you and begin to purr,they are absorbing all your negative energy. So who wouldn’t want a cat now?

    Looking forward to more Cat news.


    1. Kate Grey Post author

      My Mom’s cat’s name was Princess, she was a gorgeous calico. Hopefully you either keep them or they find a nice forever home! Best wishes!


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