Halloween Costume For Cats

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Make this Halloween Spook-cat-ular! Halloween is not just for human children. My cat is my child so I simply must not leave him out of the trick or treat festivities. A Halloween costume for cats is a must, if for nothing else it makes for hilarious fun and entertainment for us cat parents. It might be at our cats expense but we deserve this, after all we do for them.

There is a Halloween costume for cats of all ages, sizes and shapes. Who said your cat only needs one costume? The more the merrier, and it’s fun to start a collection for years to come, or rainy days when playing dress up with mittens seems like a great way to spark a photo shoot for Instagram or Facebook.

Halloween Cat Costume Ideas cat-pirate-costume

Pirate – Arrrrrrrr you ready to cat walk the plank!? It’s a pirate’s life for kitty this Halloween!

Sushi Roll – Chopsticks and wasabi optional

Turkey – You are what you eat

cat-lion-costumeLion – Back to your cats roots, representing their ancestors is always a safe and fun bet!

Spider – You cats got legs and she knows how to use them

Puss in Boots – This is just too obvious, but a classic life of the purrrty costume

Hot Dog – Hot kitt-a-dee-dog! Hold the relish!

The History of the Black Cat on Halloween

If Black Cat by Janet Jackson popped in your head at some point after reading this, we have more in common than you might think!

It is that time of year again ladies and gentleman, the ghosts, goblins, witches and scary movies are out, and you’ve just ordered your Halloween costume for your cat. This springs the thought of the whole black cat on Halloween thing. What exactly is the significance of the black cat on Halloween, typically seen beside a witch?

Holiday’s typically have some history to them and the black cat on Halloween is no different. The Puritan Pilgrims of Plymouth County is historically where the black cat superstition originated. The Puritan Pilgrims belief system was Protestant and quite rigged. They were known to shun anything that went against their religious beliefs.

black-cat-witchThe common association with the bad luck of the black cat especially prominent on Halloween is to the witch. To the Puritans witchcraft was viewed as a devil worshiping practice, which in turn led the Puritans to be leery of anything affiliated with witches.

The legend of the black cat was that witches could transform into a black cat and then back again, which is what led to the black cat being associated with these ‘taboo’ superstitions. Some people even went as far as to say witches were being reincarnated into black cats and that was the devil with four paws and a black coat.

If this also got you thinking about True Blood and the shape shifters, we might just be soul mates!

Trick or Treats for Your Cat This Halloween

So, your cat decides to go along with your dressing him or her up. What a trooper! I always stress the importance of rewarding your cat for good cooperative behavior. Your cat agreeing to let you dress them up in a Halloween costume is absolutely grounds for providing treats for this trick.

This is a new hot item that my cat is going bonkers for and I think it would go nicely in your cats trick or treat bag.

What is a Halloween with a little cat nip to spice things up and make things even more spooky and weird.

A bag of these kitty treats is like scoring a full sized candy bar as a kid. It’s a sure fire way please puss in boots or whatever your cat dresses up as.

Please I beg of you to post pictures of your cat in his or her Halloween best! This cannot go unnoticed or recognized online.

Cat and Dog Couples Costumes

Couples costumes are just for you and your boo. Dogs should not be excluded from this years Halloween festivities. I strongly suggest subjecting your cat and dog to a sporting a couples pet Halloween costume this year. You will not be let down, and I promise they will be the life of the purrrty!

My top two picks for cat and dog couples Halloween costumes are:

Taco Purrrito Whatcha Got in That Speedo

Halloween costumes for cats is such a huge hit the Spartan Cheerleaders Craig and Ariana inspired this title! Last but not least don’t forget to get yourself an awesome Halloween costume this year. You will be my hero if you and your cat d=pull off a couples costume this year. Please share if you do, I need to see this!

Make this Halloween memorable, spooky, haunted and happy by dressing your cat up to celebrate witches turning into black cats, and igniting age-old superstitions. Cats are THAT powerful. Don’t ever forget that.

Yours in Kitty Health,

Kate Grey

Founder of The Cat Chronicles


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